The new 2.1 beta3 can be downloaded from here. (This is a Google-drive link. I don’t know what is happening with my Dropbox account and why Dropbox links do not work any more. Strange.)

My new laptop has this horrible trackpad and this got me motivated to implement smoother vertical scrolling in Math-o-mir. While smooth scrolling might slightly decrease responsiveness, it allows your eyes to more easily track document as it scrolls. If you have an erratic mouse/trackpad, I am sure you will benefit from it… And if you own a pointing device that behaves nicely, I hope there will be no drawbacks. In any case, let me know.

I slightly rearranged zoom levels.

Finally, I implemented auto-scrolling. It is when you are doing something with your mouse, like dragging objects, and your mouse pointer exits out of the client window borders, the document scrolls automatically into that direction. The scrolling is not aggressive (or should not be), but still some people might not like it. If so, let me know to add a menu option ‘disable auto-scrolling’.