You can find the new 2.1 beta here. In comparison to the last official version, there are few bugs exterminated. The only new feature is a slight ‘upgrade’ of the toolbox and toolbar.

As mentioned in my former post, due to Wine compatibility issues I decided to configure toolbox and toolbar windows as child windows (not popup windows as it was before). Hopefully the user experience for Linux users will be somewhat better now; bearable perhaps.

The new toolbox is shrinkable – it will shrink to a degree if you make the window small. Because child windows cannot protrude from the main window, I had to make it shrinkable. You may see it as a step backward or a as a step forward – I cannot decide for myself… At least dragging (moving) the window around now looks cleaner.

If you are a Linux user, let me know if it got any better. If you are a Windows user, let me know if it got any worse.