More than once I received a warning that Math-o-mir does not behave perfectly under Wine (Wine is a software that enables running Windows programs on Linux machines). Specifically:

  • The toolbox and toolbar remain displayed at the top of the screen even if Math-o-mir main window gets deactivated and is buried below other windows
  • In addition, once the main window gets minimized and then restored again, the toolbox/toolbar will be missing and there is no action that will show them  except to restart the software.

The last precise bug report, with screenshots, came from Adam H. (thanks Adam). At the moment we found out that declaring a toolbox/toolbar window as a child window (WS_CHILD) will work fine, but declaring a windows as a popup window (WS_POPUP) causes the described problems in Wine. I can easily declare the overhead toolbar as WS_CHILD and this is what I will do. The left-side toolbox is more problematic as it should be drawn even outside the main window area and should be therefore declared WS_POPUP.

So, if anyone reading this have any idea what is going on with WS_POPUP style windows in Wine, please let me know.