You can download the new official Math-o-mir 2.0 from the download page or from the software homepage.

The main reason I increased the version number from 1.xx to 2.xx is because there are changes in the .mom file format that might compromise the backward compatibility. The new file format 2.xx is more compact and produces files half the size than the older 1.xx format. It is even much more efficient when storing documents that contain bitmaps – which is the main reason why I decided to change the file format in the first place.

However, being concerned about backward compatibility, I decided that the new MoM 2.0 will still store its files into 1.xx format by default (except bitmaps). If you explicitly want to use the new 2.xx format, you should choose “save as…” and then choose the 2.xx format… Maybe I was too much of a coward, I admit. Anyway, in the next version the Math-o-mir will save in 2.xx format by default. And in some even further version, it will loose the ability to save 1.xx format altogether…. The ability to read the 1.xx format will remain ‘forever’.

Other major news are as follows:

  • Toolbox options are rearranged. New symbols are added (corresponds to, D’Alambert, triangle, real part, imaginary part), some symbols are deleted
  • The “very large” toolbox size option is added to support high-resolution monitors
  • New commands: \varpi (inserts pi variant); \Ups, \ups (generates upsilon)
  • Spacebar+Enter keystroke can be used to toggle text/math typing mode (in addition to the Alt+Spacebar keystroke)
  • New variable decorations are available: triple dot, tilde, hacek
  • The function plotter is speed up and improved. Up to 4 functions can now be plotted simultaneously. Numerical integration of the plotted function is implemented.
  • The uppercase delta sign is handled in a special way – no automatic separation from the following variable. The double ‘u’ stroke generates Greek mi letter (not the upsilon)
  • Redesigned the drawing box handy menu
  • 45 degree lines can now be drawn using the section-line drawing tool
  • keyboard arrow key handling improvement

I eradicated some bugs. I also removed several features: the auto-clipboard-semi-transparent menu, snap-to-grid option (it is now always active when the grid is displayed), parentheses-height options… The documentation is updated: the Users Manual, the Brief Guide and the Tutorial. All in English language. (However the German version of the software itself is also released).

For following days I will be lurking for bugs that I generated with the new version. Please report any that you find… I wish a happy new year to everyone reading this!