The new beta can be downloaded from here.

There was an annoying bug where Math-o-mir would display unary minus sign incorrectly when showing results of some simple mathematical operations. For example, when asked to compute -(-3/4) it would display –0.75 (with two minus signs in front of the number). I hope I took care of it in this beta.

Several other bugs are also exterminated, like the inability to put asterisk after parentheses: [x]*. One new minor feature is implemented – when you enter a single-letter function using the dot method, like typing f., then the function is always generated with round parentheses, like f( ). Now if you type [ or { immediately after you created the function, the parentheses shape will be altered.

I am still undecided if I should discontinue the Courier New font and replace it with some script font. I think that a script font might be of greater usage than a mono-spaced font when typing mathematics. However, no script font seem to be used as widely as the Courier New font (or Arial, or Times New Roman…). The Lucida Handwriting and Lucida Calligraphy seem common (I prefer the later), but are they common enough?