You can download the new beta from here.

I was forced to quickly update the Math-o-mir beta due to a bug find. The bug existed for some time including the last official version. It remained undetected until today. Today I received a report stating that Math-o-mir crashes whenever any of the following is entered:

  •     d.x[spacebar]
  •     \d x[spacebar]
  •     par.x[spacebar]
  •     \par x[spacebar]

The bug is easily reproducible and thus I was able to correct it quickly. I introduced the bug when I was implementing support to toggle Math/Text typing mode using the Spacebar+Enter keystroke. I apologize.

In addition to the above, I corrected several other bugs:

  • right-mouse-click on vertical scroll bar did not work correctly every time if function plotters were used within the document. The  bug had potential to crash the software.
  • Plotting an almost-constant function would cause software to hang or crash under certain circumstances (if the difference between function minimum and function maximum value was more than about 16 orders of magnitude smaller than function mean value on that range).
  • displaying line lengths and rectangle sizes in the Drawing Box is corrected.