Due to some compatibility changes, I decided to increase version number to 2.0. You can download the 2.0 beta from here. The mentioned compatibility issues are as follows:

  • The file format is changed. It is still possible to load and save Math-o-mir 1.x files (in fact, the 1.x file format is the default even in this beta) but this legacy support might have bugs. (You might want to back-up your files because this beta is not thoroughly tested yet. Also, saving bitmaps in the legacy format is not supported.) The new Math-o-mir 2.x file format is available under the Save As dialog box: here you can choose option “MOM file (2.x)”. The new file format is still XML, but generated files will be smaller. As a result I removed the option “MOM compressed file”.
  • The toolbox items are rearranged. Many are removed and few new ones are added. As a result, if you had some keyboard accelerators configured they might not work correctly any more and you will have to reconfigure them.

The reason for file format change is to decrease the file size. Math-o-mir files are very verbose (they still are, only to a lesser extent) as a result of XML usage. I roughly estimate that an average page adds about 50kB to the file size. The new file version significantly improves bitmap storage. If you used to paste large bitmaps into Math-o-mir documents you probably noticed that files were getting large and everything was slow. I hope it is going to be better now.

The reason for toolbox rearrangement is to group items in a more organized way. I also removed many items that were not really needed. I however added few new items:

  • the ‘equal with a hat’ operator is added (coresponds to)
  • the D’Alambert operator is added (just an empty box)
  • the triangle symbol is added
  • fancy functions for real and imaginary part of a complex number are added

Other news are that I added three additional above-variable decorations: caron (hacek), tilde and triple dot. I rearranged the software so that I have the space now to add even more decorations if needed… I upgraded the thin-line-drawing-tool so that it can draw lines angled at 45 degrees… Finally, I removed options to adjust parentheses height.