As always, I uploaded very early beta version, 1.93 beta, that can be downloaded from here. Because Math-o-mir is a freeware, early user feedback is important during development process, and so I am making beta versions available during whole development process.

  • The very-large-toolbox-size option is added. This is intended for high-resolution monitors because it is probably not practical below 1920×1080. To make this possible I had to paint larger icons and this consumes some extra 40k of memory.
  • At the same time I removed very-small-toolbox-size option. This practically discontinued support for 640×480 resolution monitors. I concluded that even rural Africa has 800×600 by now.
  • The drawing-box menu is refreshed – some options added some removed.

I am doing some structural changes in software and it might cause stability issues in following betas. Let me know if you find anything. At the same time this beta reduces memory usage for hand drawings. Stammi bene.