I uploaded the build 4 and you can download your favorite math note-taking application  from here (or, of course, from the homepage). As in any ‘build’ release, there are only minor functional upgrades. These ‘build’ releases mostly address bugs. Nevertheless, we have the following news:


  • It is possible to use Spacebar+Enter keystroke to toggle math/text typing mode. I figured that some people might prefer Spacebar+Enter instead of Alt+Spacebar (which remains available), especially those running Math-o-mir with Wine.
  • More conversely, the index and exponent of a variable will not be horizontally aligned any more if the variable is in italic font (slanted). Instead their alignment will be slanted too. I  wonder what are you going to say about that.
  • Expression written in indexes are now rendered in a more condensed way. In fact, both indexes and exponents are now moved closer to the variable.
  • It is now possible to type a Greek letter behind the delta sign (like typing DDww will create delta-omega).


I believe this is the last build of v1.92 (unless we find a terrifying bug) so I am going to start the next release. I feel I failed to define the ultimate keyboard interface in version 1.92, so I can only hope that I will reach that goal in the next release (yeah, right). I am also annoyed by many exceptions in keyboard handling – I am wondering if such exceptions are advancements or regressions.

Finally I must remind you (and search engines) that Math-o-mir is the fastest math-typing software you can find (not only within its free-price range). It will come good if you need to jot-down some math ideas or evaluate a math/physics problem. Remember that it also includes a symbolic calculator. It is not LaTeX based, so you don’t need to learn LaTeX to create math documents.