Well, I made a slight upgrade, the build 2, and you can download it from here.

There was a bug that under certain circumstances caused crash if someone tried to open a .mom file by just clicking at the file (from Windows). In addition, Carlos H. Consoni reported a problem with internal calculator – results were not completely finished and the software would show something like 3 4/5 – a result that would be looking like a mixed fraction (while in fact, the result should be shown as 12/5). I hope this nuisance will be less common now… There are several other minor bugs corrected.

(The Math-o-mir software does not know mixed fractions. At the moment I have no plans to support it because I find this notation somewhat ambiguous… Or should I better quote Isaac Rabi: “Who ordered that?”)

I was working long and hard to improve the ‘Presentation mode’ rendering. Specifically the problem that font glyphs can only be integer number of pixels wide… But my progress is zero. I see no improvements and I am afraid I even made things worse. Again your old document might look slightly different when you open it in the new MoM version.