I quickly uploaded the new Math-o-mir version, 1.92 beta8 – you can download from here.

I am struggling to redefine some keystrokes, but my progress is slow. Here is what I did up to now:

  • Hitting the comma key twice will not toggle the typing mode any more. Instead, you can now hit the backslash key twice to toggle the typing mode… I am not very satisfied with this solution and I am looking for something better. Various bizarre ideas come to mind, like using j+f combination to toggle the typing mode.
  • Instead of the period (dot) key to execute the Autocomplete functionality, you must now use the comma key to do the same… I am somewhat satisfied with this solution – it is fast enough. The dot key is now free so that you can type numbers like 0.4 even without typing the leading zero.
  • Instead of using Alt+Spacebar to quickly select objects (when the typing mode is not active) you should now use the Enter key. This is more handy, in my opinion, but might need some refinements.

There are some other news also:

  • The ‘general variable mode’ is renamed ‘prefer multi-letter variables’; the ‘simple variable mode’ is renamed ‘prefer single-letter variables’. I think that this is easier to understand.
  • Typing indexes in both variable modes (multi-letter and single-letter) is now implemented the same. If you used multi-letter variable mode then it could now be more difficult for you to enter math operators into variable indexes. I am aware of this and I am thinking to add a menu option: ‘Allow complex indexes’.
  • It is possible to delete function argument by using the Del key (when the argument is empty). Until now this was only possible using the Enter key but I figured that some users may find the Del key more intuitive.

Anyway I am not too unhappy… Only if I knew how your minds work, dear users.