You can download the new 1.92 beta 7 from here.

I was mostly concentrated on bugs, so there are not many news. It is possible to type measurement units by starting them with the period key as it is easier to type the period than the backslash symbol on many keyboard layouts. For example, if you type .um this will turn into micrometer (micrometre) unit.

I also removed the recently implemented feature that any deleted math/text is automatically stored into a special clipboard buffer. I just didn’t like it. However, the popup menu invoked by Ins or Space+comma still exists and gives a short list of recently used objects.

There are some subtle changes regarding keyboard-handling. But I am still thinking about more substantial changes:

  • not using the apostrophe key to start typing multi-letter variables. The problem is that the apostrophe key can be also used for other purposes, like derivation symbol.  I am however unable to find any suitable replacement for the apostrophe key (thinking of the double quotation mark – at the moment used for exponents).
  • not using the dot (period) key for the Autocomplete functionality. The problem is that the dot is heavily overloaded already. Possible replacements are the Comma key or the Space+comma (both already used for other purposes)

I am very concerned with my inability to make decisions regarding keyboard usage.