Another small increment, Math-o-mir v1.92 beta6 installation file, can be downloaded from here.

  • it is easier to ‘touch’ indexed variables
  • quick-draw curly brackets and section lines are now drawn with a thinner line
  • height of parentheses is very slightly increased
  • in math-typing mode when mixed-formatting is used, symbols %, $ and ? will be cast in upright (non-italic) font.

I corrected several bugs. For example, there was an error when Math-o-mir tried to extract a common factor from expressions like 0.001x+0.1y, producing wrong result 0.001(x+10y). Another corrected bug caused GUI problems when very long formulas were used in function plotter.

I noticed that the lowercase ‘o’ is rarely used in math so I wonder if I could better use it for some special purpose – multi-letter variables perhaps? I am undecided about many features. For example I was thinking to discontinue using double comma as a method to switch between text and math typing modes – I could use the comma key instead of the period key to trigger the autocomplete functionality. Then decimal numbers could be started by the period key.

Few days ago I used Math-o-mir to make a simple analysis of a DC motor (the text is here). What I wanted to show are papers never intended to go public – informal, unstructured, only meaningful to its author – with background calculations. This is the type of work I created Math-o-mir for. The 1.66MB Math-o-mir file is here.