The new math notepad, Math-o-mir 1.92 beta4, can be downloaded from here.

In this version I changed the way font options are presented to user. To a first-time user it certainly was not easy to understand font formatting in Math-o-mir because there are so many options and possibilities. I hope this redesign will make it easier.

At first sight everything remains the same – there are still these two famous ‘U’ and ‘M’ options at the top of the left-side toolbox:

  • ‘U’ – uniform formatting mode – all letters you type are cast in the same font (as in any word processor)
  • ‘M’ – mixed formatting mode – you can define different font for any particular letter (useful when typing math)

When you look under ‘U’ for sub-options, the following menu will open:


As you can see, there are now only 8 predefined uniform formatting modes. You can still redefine any of them as you wish by clicking at the ‘font’ arrow-button. The presence of the ‘font’ arrow-button is, I hope, a more obvious way for a first-time user to redefine font settings.

When you look under ‘M’, the following menu opens:


By clicking at any letter symbol in the above table, you can define font that will be used to format that particular symbol. You can also change them all at once by clicking at the “Alter all…” option. I hope that such presentation can give better insight to a first-time user about the difference between ‘uniform’ and ‘mixed’ formatting modes.

There are concerns too… These two pop-up menus are large and might be annoying to experienced users. The second menu looks like a symbol chooser instead as a means to define font for every character (the concept that every character can be cast in different font is not something a first-time user would expect to find).

I also corrected several bugs in this version. I hope to hear from you and that you will somehow contribute in making the fastest math note-taking software in this world.