U updated the latest 1.91 version; the build 2 can be downloaded from the homepage.

There are few bugs corrected in this version, like following:

  • digits that are part of a variable (like in ‘X1’ or ‘n8′) are now cast in the same font style as letters in that variable. Of course, when you write a pure number (like ’34’ or ‘34.23’) then digits are still cast in straight, non-bold font.
  • the symbolic calculator will now only suggest converting a number into scientific form if the number is larger than 9999 or smaller than 0.001. I found it annoying when it was suggesting to replace, say, number ’22’ with ‘2.2*10^1’.
  • Also the symbolic calculator will now decompose a number into factors if you just type, say, ‘126??’. Until now you either had to hit the space-bar key between ‘126’ and ‘??’ or you had to enter the equal sign in between.

I also implemented a simple experimental feature: You can now use the Shift+Backspace as an alternative way to build multi-letter variables (supposing that the default, Simple-variable-mode is what you use when are typing your math). Normally, a multi-letter variable is written by starting it with the apostrophe key. However if you forgot to type the apostrophe key, then instead of one milti-letter variable, you will end up with several single-letter variables that are visibly spaced. Now you can hit the Shift+Backspace several times to squeeze (splice) these separate letters into one word.


The above feature was actually motivated by the fact that it was not easy to write multi-letter variables that contain both, Greek and Latin symbols (for example, deltaX). Now this is doable by typing the Greek delta character first (‘DD’), then ‘x’, and then using Shift+Backspace splice the two together.

I dropped the ReadMe file from this version and the ReadMe file will not be shown after installation. I suppose nobody reads it anyway. So I added a short legal stuff into the about box.