The new beta6 can be downloaded from here.

This time I experiment with an “auto-clipboard” feature. The idea is that, as you edit the document, the software automatically stores some expressions into special (private) clipboard so that you can paste these expressions at some later time. The auto-clipboard can contain up to 3 expressions… Here is what gets automatically stored into the auto-clipboard:

  • expressions you ‘placed-down’ either from the toolbox or from some other source. This way you don’t need to access the toolbox every time you want to place the same symbol that you placed just a moment ago. This feature is not completely new, but is now more elaborate.
  • expressions you deleted using the backspace key or the delete key. This way you can just delete something (without using ctrl+x to cut it) and then paste it to some other place.

Note that this private auto-clipboard is a completely separate thing from the standard windows clipboard (Ctrl+X,C,V). To paste from the auto-clipboard, instead of the ‘Ctrl-V’ you need to use ‘Spacebar+comma’ (or alternatively the ‘Insert’ key) while the typing mode is active. When you hit the Spacebar+comma, the freshest expression from the auto-clipboard will be pasted – but if there is more than one expression stored in the clipboard, a semi-transparent menu will be also displayed where you can choose an alternative option (using a mouse, or using the keyboard down-arrow key).auto-clipboardThe menu is made semi-transparent not to distract you too much, and if you just continue to type it will go away. If you access the menu with the mouse or the ‘down-arrow’ key, it will become opaque.

In general, this is what I am trying to do:

  • say that you want to type something like: sin(x+y)=0.5
  • however you forgot to hit the enter key after the ‘y’ and so you typed something like: sin(x+y=0.5)
  • so you hit the backspace key 4 times to delete the ‘=0.5’ part (the MoM stores this into the auto-clipboard)
  • now you hit the enter key to exit the ‘sin(x+y)’ expression
  • finally, you hit the Spacebar+comma to paste the ‘=0.5’ part from the auto-clipboard

The experiment is to see if this can be useful in practice. There are several obstacles… First, the Spacebar+comma is not an easy keystroke to remember (but is easy to type). Second, if you hit the backspace/delete key too many times (say, one keypress more than actually needed) the software will store more than you wanted into the auto-clipboard and you will have to re-edit this after you paste.

In this beta I also tried to make the software aware when monitor resolution (or orientation) is changed to redraw itself properly. I hope this will work…. And for sure, some bugs are exterminated.