Hello… I uploaded the 1.91 beta4 and it can be downloaded from here. At this time there are only two new features:

  • A block of text (or even a multi-line block of math) can now be appended with a new line by a simple mouse-click. Just point your mouse pointer slightly below object’s lower-left edge – a guideline will appear. However, if you point close to the object, the guideline will not be yellow-colored but might be green-colored or blue-colored. If so, just click at the guideline and a new line will be added to the existing object… (Until now you had to click after the last word and then hit the enter key to start the new line)… This feature only works if guidelines are enabled and if the object is left-aligned.
  • Simple page numbering is implemented. You will find page-numbering options under ‘View->Page->Page numbering’. Only several options are available. The major disadvantage is that you cannot control margins yet.

Anyway, I hope I did not introduce new bugs. Let me know.