Few small improvements: v1.91 beta2

  • I ‘improved’ the way plain text is rendered when the presentation mode is enabled. I hope that the rendered text is now more readable than before. The inter-character spacing is now more uniform (on the expense of varying inter-word spacing). This might create some unwanted rendering effects as it takes some testing time to fine-tune.
  • At the beginning and at the end of a plain-text line I am now displaying insertion points a bit more distanced from the text than before. To make this possible I also had to add some more space (right and left margin) around text in a matrix/table cell. Thus, matrices/tables will be slightly wider than before.
  • The cursor-up keyboard key handling is slightly improved: if you hit it while the keyboard cursor is positioned at the first place under the root sign, the cursor will move into root ‘index’ field (if this field exists). Also, if the cursor is positioned at the first place in a variable index, it will be placed at the end of the variable.
  • When you want to use the quick-type feature to type some plain text you will do this by first hitting the spacebar key.  The difference is that when you hit the spacebar key, an empty ‘T’ object (a text placeholder) will not be created any more. Instead, the familiar green ‘T’ symbol will appear for a short time to inform you that you can now type plain text.

What I am thinking is: what if I don’t produce the famous “Save document changes?” message box every time one exits the Math-o-mir? What if I only show this option if user actually made some considerable work? What if I just save the document into a backup location and close the window when no considerable work was done?… The only reason I still did not implement such behavior is because I know that many users exploit this “Save document changes?” message box as a regular way to save the document.

Oh… and I want to thank Kevin for bringing some visitors to this site 🙂