As always, when I start developing new version, I make early betas available because I am hoping for bug reports and comments. There are only few new features in this beta. You can download from here.

  • The region at the beginning/end of a line where you can point your mouse and highlight the insertion point is now enlarged. Thus, it should be easier to point-and-click in order to append text/math to existing lines.
  • Insertion points are now visible even in the drawing mode when you move your mouse pointer (pencil) over text/math. This way you should be able to use the quick-typing feature to edit existing text/math directly while still in the drawing mode
  • When rendering multi-line text, the between-line spacing is slightly increased for easier reading. Also, spacing between lines is now more even if lines contain superscripts/subscripts.
  • Double-quotation mark key is handled in a slightly different way now – in the plain-text typing mode it will not produce exponents when used after a multi-letter word.

I was thinking to use the % key as a transformation key to transform variables into measurement units. Still refining this idea.