I uploaded the Math-o-mir 1.9 build3. You can download the math notepad from the homepage.

This is only a tiny debug update. In particular, following bugs are resolved:

  • Page size is now properly set when you open a .mom document file by clicking on it from the windows explorer (the bug was visible on Win7)
  • Inappropriate flashes of the selection frame are solved – this occurred occasionally when mouse was clicked.
  • When objects were selected, drawing boxes activated even if the mouse pointer was not hovering above them – this is now solved.
  • Most controversially, when printing and when exporting images, those ‘invisible’ edges of drawing items that are behind other drawings will not be visible any more. That is, the printed/exported images are now generated the same way as you can see them on the screen… The funny thing is that I cannot recall why drawings were implemented ‘transparent’ in earlier versions. If someone will miss this ‘feature’, remind me please.

Anyway, I hope to have some real news soon. Tell to your neighbors that they too can type mathematics faster and easier.