I made a very light update (1.9 build 2) to Math-o-mir – you can download it from the homepage.

This update is mostly concerned with some bugs I noticed lately. Here is the full list:

  • While typing plain text, double upercase strokes CC, RR, KK, ZZ and NN (normally used to produce bold, serif letters) will now revert back to double-letter combination if you continue to type further. Due to a bug, this was not happening in the earlier version of the software.
  • In a similar way, some double-stroke combinations will not turn into alternative symbols when typed inside a variable index or while you are typing a plain text.
  • If you exit the typing mode (either with the Esc key or by right-mouse-click) while your cursor at the beginning of a newly created text line, the empty text line will be deleted. In the former software version, the empty line at the end of a text box was not deleted and this caused some awkward rendering.
  • It is still possible to select some objects with your mouse while the typing mode is still active. However, all selected objects will be deselected when you continue to type. The good thing is that you can use Del and Ctrl+X to delete/cut selected objects without exiting the typing mode (just select objects and hit the Del or Ctrl+X).
  • It cannot happen any more to carry something while the drawing mode is active – this possible due to a bug and was confusing.
  • The Math-o-mir crashed if you tried to compute expressions like: “1/(2/3)”. This now works.
  • There was a bug when you tried to compute expressions like “(a+b)*c” instead of “(a+b)c” (that is, when real multiplying dot symbol was used). This also works now.
  • The software will now generate parentheses around function arguments for function names that end with a number. For example \r3 command will generate the r3() function. In fact, am thinking that maybe it should generate parentheses for all function names except most common ones (sin, cos…). Not sure what to  do.
  • I enlarged spacing between a word and symbols like dot, comma, question mark, exclamation mark… when the presentation mode is enabled.

I noticed that I am not using paper-and-pencil any more. However I might be biased, so I cannot declare a victory yet.