You can download the new beta6 version from:

In comparison to the last beta, there are several news:

  • A new symbol is added into the toolbox – the ‘because’ symbol (three dots in a triangle formation). Also the new command is enable (\because) that can generate this symbol.
  • The CapsLock key can now be used to toggle between Math Typing Mode and Text Typing Mode. This will only work if you enable the following options:  Keyboard->Options->Use CapsLock to toggle typing mode. Of course, once you enable this option, the CapsLock will not toggle the uppercase/lowercase letters any more. Instead, to toggle uppercase/lowercase letters then, you will have to use Shift+CapsLock or Ctrl+CapsLock.
  • Handling of Formatting modes is changed in order to simplify it. The ‘O’ (oneshot) mode is removed and now you will only find two Formatting mode icons in the toolbox (the ‘U’ and the ‘M’). However, you can still create oneshot-style fonts by checking the ‘use as singleshot’ option while defining a uniform font…..  If you already created many personalized oneshot formatting styles,  you will not have them any more. Sorry.
  • While defining fonts for uniform ‘U’ formatting styles, you can now also choose font color.
  • A nasty special handling is introduced when typing indices (indexes). If you now hit the same letter three times in a row, a Greek symbol (that is going to be created after the second key hit) will be reverted back into two Latin letters… This special handling was needed to enable easier typing for variables with double-Latin letters in indices (like ‘Vcc’ or ‘Vpp’).
  • The Handy Help is updated

Somehow I hope that this is the last beta before the v1.84 official release. Not many new features are planed, if any (perhaps: I am investigating a possibility to store all symbols that are deleted with the backspace key into some special clipboard. Then, using some special keystroke you could  paste this special clipboard… The problem is that I don’t know what special keystroke combination to use. .. Still the feature is appealing because it seems faster than the  standard cut-paste operation in many cases.)