You can download the new beta (1.84 beta3) from

Several bugs are corrected and two new features added:

  • You can generate uppercase letters by holding down a key for about 0.5 seconds. This actually only works if your keyboard has auto-repeating option enabled (and maybe I should change the implementation not to depend on this setting). The reason why I implemented this is because it is difficult to produce 3-key combinations when typing uppercase letters into exponents or indexes – for example, to type uppercase letter ‘R’ into a variable index, you had to use Spacebar+Shift+R combination; now you can just use  Spacebar+R and hold it for about 0.5 seconds… I am actually very happy with this feature, but let me know if you have any objection.
  • When typing formulas directly into the function plotter, it is now possible to aim-and-click with mouse to change the keyboard cursor position.

I decided not to use the free file sharing service for software distribution, at least for the moment. The reason is because they allow advertisements that confuse users (like a large ‘download here’ advertising buttons).  At the same time, it happened that the excellent file sharing service is discontinued. The UbuntuOne allowed free file hot-linking, and this is a great loss for the free part of the internet… Anyway, the only option left to me to share files is the Dropbox. I hope that it will work fine – let me know if you find any problem with their file-sharing service… By the way, the free internet seems to be shrinking and I don’t think that the Dropbox will allow free file hot-linking for very long.

Last several days I used Math-o-mir to prepare a document that examines stepper motor vibrations (by the way, you can see it here).  This helped me to detect some bugs that I corrected in this beta. I want to remind you that I would love to publish any document that you prepared with Math-o-mir’s help if you would like to show it to the public.