To keep you updated, I placed the new beta version of the Math-o-mir software at:

I decided to completely redesign the color-box in this version. The motivation was to make the hand-drawing jet more handy… The color-box is much smaller now and, therefore, it can be almost permanently present on the screen. This, hopefully, will result in its handier and more natural usage. To make it smaller I had to separate line-thickness options from line-color options. Although clickable regions inside the color-box may look small and hard to aim using the mouse, these regions are actually a bit larger than in the previous color-box design.

Unfortunately, users that do not use the hand-drawing capabilities might find the permanent appearance of the new color-box somewhat annoying.  Let me know how do you like it… This beta version also implements different handling of selections while the hand-drawing mode is active – as soon as you move your pencil-shaped mouse pointer over a selected item, the mouse pointer will revert into the standard arrow shape and you will be able to handle the selection the usual way. In addition, this version uses somewhat brighter red, green and blue colors.

Well, I must admit that it is hard to work on a PC software lately because all the light nowadays shines on tablets and smartphones. Nevertheless, the physical all-letter keyboard is still the fastest way to enter an amount of data (text) into a computer. I can therefore believe that the keyboard is here to stay for some time. And so, as long is it is here, the software that uses the keyboard to rapidly type mathematics into computers will exist… Can you beat me in math-typing speed? Can any touch-screener out there beat me!?