The very early beta v1.84 can be downloaded from:

Yesterday my Math-o-mir crashed when I changed color depth settings for my laptop’s video board. Luckily enough, I was in the debugger at the time so I was able to locate the offending code and quickly implement the fix. The software crashed if the typing mode was active, the screen was refreshed, and some memory readjustment happenedĀ  at early same time. As I am unable to determine how often this could happen to users (this particular bug never happened to me until yesterday), I decided to publish this early beta with the bug fixed.

There are some other minor bugs fixed in this beta. In addition, I was also working a bit to improve hand-drawing capabilities of the software as I noticed that users rarely use the hand-drawing tools.

  • curly brackets and section lines can be painted without entering the hand-drawing mode. This feature already existed in the previous version but only when the typing mode was active. Now it is extended and reimplemented so that it can be used generally
  • The “Edit drawing nodes” icon in the toolbar is reimplemented – the edit-nodes mode can now remain active all the time and I hope that this could be useful to users that use hand-drawing extensively
  • I added a colored ‘hot spot’ just in front of the pencil-shaped pointer in the drawing mode. I hope that this can help users to quickly identify what color and what line thickness is currently selected, just before they start drawing
  • If you hold the mouse steady and hold down the right mouse button for about 1 second, the popup menu with several hand-drawing tools will appear (the same as if you used the F4 key)
  • the section-line drawing tool will now draw hair-thin lines if the shift key is held down. This can be useful to draw help lines

I also removed support for wide cursors… So, if you have any idea how to make mouse-drawing at least bearable, let me know.