I urgently released the new, build 4, of Math-o-mir software. You can download it from the homepage.

A serious bug (flaw) was reported by Kevin Fitting – there was not enough spacing between words, especially at high zoom level. Any plain text was hard to read, especially when printed… I hopefully corrected this in the build 4. All plain text is now rendered with more spacing between words.

[ Very funny indeed… I was specifically looking at the inter-word spacing when I was testing the previous version – and I didn’t see the problem that was in front of my nose! I suppose that after looking long enough at it, I somehow developed “blindness” and I did not register that the spacing between words was too small. Only when Kevin informed me about the problem, I was able to see it. ]

Another bug was reported by David Kromek – under some rare circumstances it was not possible to edit imported bitmaps. An attempt to edit a bitmap could also cause software crash… The bug was noticeable only if the imported bitmap had bitmap size set to zero in its header. This bug is also, hopefully, corrected in the build 4.

I also implemented one new “experimental” feature in this build. It is now possible to add small extra spaces between math elements by hitting the spacebar key.  (Until now it was only possible to add rather large spaces by hitting the tab key.)…  It is possible that the new feature will interfere with some other spacebar key usages – let me know if the new experimental feature bothers you.

In any case, I think there will be more “build” releases in near future.  I need to decrease the number of bugs and flaws before adding new features.