Hmm… the new debug release (v1.82 build 3) can be downloaded from the homepage.

Several bugs are corrected, most importantly:

  • it is now possible to aim at the very first insertion point in a text word
  • the Enter key will split a word if you hit it while the cursor is in the middle of the word
  • text rendering in the Presentation mode is better – more space between words for better readability

I also decided to implement a simple new feature in this build: You can quickly select some basic hand-drawing tools by using Alt+1 … Alt+9 keystrokes (Alt+1=line drawing tool, Alt+2=freehand drawing tool…). It is also possible to quickly select a color from the colorbox using Alt+R (red), Alt+G (green) and Alt+B (black). The line width can be changed by using Alt+T (thin) and Alt+S or Alt+M (standard/medium).  Of course, none of these Alt+something keystrokes will work if the mouse pointer is aiming at an insertion point or if the typing mode is active (because in this case the Alt+something keystroke is used to generate exponents). Very unfortunate, if you ask me.