You can download the MoM v1.82 beta 4 from:

I hope this is the last beta before the official release. Here is the list of news compared to the beta 3:

  • It is possible to switch between math typing mode and text tying mode by typing the comma key twice (of course, the Alt+Spacebar works too). I decided to implement this additional way to toggle math/text typing mode because some users might find it faster. Also on Linux, using Alt+Spacebar is prohibited.
  • It is possible to move the equation your are currently typing by using Spacebar+arrow keys. This way you can finely adjust the equation position without the need to reach for the mouse.
  • In the Presentation mode equations are rendered even more spacious now – this way the difference between presentation mode and edit mode rendering is further decreased.
  • When you start editing an equation in the Presentation mode, the equation inflates a little (is if you switched to the edit mode) to make editing easier.
  • The Presentation mode rendering speed is increased (noticeable at high zoom level). Also the halftone rendering speed is increased for 32-bit and 24-bit color displays.
  • I added ‘letter’ page formats under View->Page menu. In addition to A4 portrait/landscape you can now also choose Letter portrait/landscape formats.
  • The coolest new feature is that in the Presentation mode the WYSIWYG is upgraded. Equation/text objects will perfectly scale according to the zoom level and will be printed exactly as seen on the screen (regarding its size). In the Edit mode, however, the readability and rendering speed is still preferred over the WYSIWYG.
  • You can now use the Insert key to ‘reload’ whatever text/equation object you were carrying with your mouse. If the Typing mode is active, then of course, the object that you ‘reloaded’ will be placed at your keyboard cursor position

Still I urge you to send your bug reports.