The new Math-o-mir beta3 version is here:

In this beta, a simple toolbar is implemented. The main reason why I decided to implement the toolbar is to provide a less intimidating user interface to first-time users. I hope that the toolbar presence will encourage potential users to explore various options… The price is that the toolbar takes a portion of the screen area, especially because I opted for large icons. If this is a problem, you can hide the toolbar by unchecking: View->Toolbox and context menu->Show Toolbar

I implemented a context-sensitive toolbar. This is not a perfect solution, I know, but I think it is the best compromise. Any better idea is welcome. If anyone thinks he/she can paint better icons (24×24, 256 or 16 colors), let me know. In any case, let me know how do you like it. (BTW, just to tell you that I don’t like dockable toolbars. I always make a total mess when I work with dockable toolbars.)

Now I really need to work on bugs in order to prepare the official release.  Please send me a report for any bug you know, especially crushing ones and annoying ones…. Oh, one more thing – the toolbar price is also a 40kB larger code. (BTW, just to tell you that I don’t like bloatware. I always keep my eye on the code size.)