Download the 1.82 beta2 from:

The toolbox behavior is changed in this beta: a sub-menu will open automatically if you hover your mouse pointer above any main-menu item. You need to keep the mouse pointer steady for about 1 sec (or about 0.5 sec if you hover it over the grayed corner). Of course, you can still click at the grayed corner to open the sub-menu immediately… If you find this feature annoying, let me know. I have doubts about it.


  • The toolbox sub-menu will automatically close if you move your mouse pointer far away from it
  • If the first character you entered into a box is ‘*’ then the text-typing mode will be activated and the bullet list will start.
  • You can add a dot or double-dot above a variable by using Alt+. and Alt+.. combinations
  • New options are added to the Text-control-box: you can now use it to modify a variable you just typed by adding an arrow, dash, hat, dot or double-dot above the variable. I implemented this because I wanted to make it easier for first-time users.
  • When the typing mode is active (the mouse pointer has the ugly black heart-shaped appearance) you can draw lines and curly brackets with your mouse. Start as if you are going to select something (mouse click-and-drag) but keep your selection frame narrow.

Blink, I changed the behavior of the vertical ruler – you can now create more space by mouse click-and-drag at the left document margin. No need to wait for the ruler to appear (of course, if your document is positioned so that the left margin is not visible, then you will have to wait for the ruler).