I released the official Math-o-mir v1.81. It can be downloaded from the homepage. All news, compared to the earlier version, are listed below.

Keyboard-handling news:

  • Representation of exponents (powers) is significantly changed – there is no insertion point in the front of the base expression box any more. As a result, the exponents are much simpler to type and the spacing between equation elements is more regular now. However, it might be harder to edit the exponent base.
  • The method to type differentials is also changed a lot. The differential can now contain only one variable (like dx) unless you type the parentheses first [ like: d(x+y) ]. This way, differentials are much simpler work with.
  • It is now easier to type compound measurement units. Any variable entered after a measurement unit will also be accepted as a measurement unit until you type an operator like ‘+’ or ‘-‘. Therefore, you don’t need to use, for example, \m/\s, but you can now type \m/s.
  • There are two new mighty-dot conversions, int. and sum., that can generate integral and summation signs in a bit faster way than using \int and \sum commands. Also, signs generated by the mighty-dot method will not have upper and lower limit boxes – you can create them if you press the underline key immediately.
  • If a variable has an index, the backspace key now enters into the variable index first (to delete elements from the index) before it deletes the variable

Other news:

  • It is possible to enter functions that do not have argument box. After you enter a function, just hit the Enter key while the argument box is still empty and the box will be deleted… Note: if you hit the ‘(‘ key behind a function that does not have an argument box, the argument box will be created again.
  • In the derivation notation (like d/dx) that is created when  you cast with the \dd or \parpar commands, it is now possible to generate index to the upper differential sign using the underline key (example: \dd<underline> )
  • Support to make cuts with mouse is implemented. You can touch math element(s) with your mouse pointer and then long-click at them (click and hold the mouse button for >0.5sec). Note that copy of math element(s) will be picked-up immediately after you click, but if you continue holding the mouse button down, without moving the mouse, the originals you are touching will be deleted. (Note that this feature is experimental and might be discontinued in future releases.)
  • The new arrow element is implemented – the arrow with an expression box above it… At the moment there is no command that generates this arrow (let me know if you have an idea how to name the command). You can only choose it from the toolbox. If you need to access it often, please, associate a keyboard-accelerator to it.
  • Two new types of parentheses are added | > and < |. You can enter them by using \ket and \bra command or by entering sequences [> and <].
  • The upper limit box for summation, product and integral signs is no longer visible if you leave it empty – that is, if you only fill in the lower limit box.
  • Toolbox help is somewhat improved – when you point your mouse arrow at a toolbox item, the command that can be used to generate that item will be displayed (if such command exists). Therefore if you point at the summation sign, the ‘\sum’ will be displayed below the toolbox.
  • Selected objects are now displayed with some background blue hue.
  • The Moving Dot gets somewhat larger as you increase zoom level
  • The Keyboard-entry mode is renamed the ‘Typing mode’ in all documentation.
  • An ultra-short 3-step introduction to Math-o-mir help is displayed to first-time users. It will be displayed first-time you run the software after install, if you never used ‘Options->Save settings->Save as default’ option. (Note: This introduction help is experimental and might be discontinued in future releases).

Many bugs are hunted down. I also updated the User’s Guide and the Math-typing Tutorial. In any case I expect to hear from you soon with some bug reports and improvement ideas.