I decided to release the new official v1.8 in just a few hours. In the meantime I want to put down some ideas about Math-o-mir future development.

  • Text handling reconstruction – now, the minimal plain text selection unit is one word, not one character. This is dissimilar to text editors where you can select characters within words and where you can aim your mouse pointer between any two characters… Implementing such text editing rules in Math-o-mir is possible, but might not coexist nicely with the math-editing rules.
  • Redesigning the formatting mode options – Formatting modes ‘O’, ‘U’ and ‘M’ are rather complex to understand. I can simplify by: a) removing the ‘O’ (one-shot) formatting mode and b) having only one single ‘U’ formatting mode (now there are 12 of them – as it can be seen by clicking at the greyed triangle below the ‘U’ option – and each of them can have its own accelerator defined).
  • Changing rules for typing function arguments – currently if you type, for example ‘\sin x+y’ you will generate sin(x+y). Brackets are automatically added around function argument if plus or minus operators are contained. An alternative way would be to automatically exit the function argument as soon as some operator is entered. In this case, by typing the ‘\sin x+y’ the sin x + y will be produced (the ‘+ y’ is now outside function argument). To enter arguments that contain plus/minus operators, you would have to explicitly type the left bracket at the beginning of the function argument: ‘\sin(x+y’.
  • Implementing mouse-multi-touch feature – now, you can touch math elements inside equations by pointing your mouse arrow at right spots. When you want to touch several elements, you need to press and hold the Shift key (multi-touch). I am examining the possibility to click-and-drag across the equation to make the multi-touch without the need to hold down the Shift key.

It would be very nice if you can comment on above ideas as all of them have their own pro-and-contra reasons.