I decided to publish early Math-o-mir v1.81 beta. You can download it from: http://www.datafilehost.com/d/7ad0c1a5

As usually, I like to present an early beta in order to get more feedback and suggestions.  Therefore, at the moment there are not much news:

  • You can type functions without argument – After entering a function, just hit the enter key immediately to exit its argument. This will remove the argument box.
  • A new, long awaited, operator is implemented – a right arrow with an expression box above it. At the moment there is no command to generate this operator – please give me suggestions how to name this command. You can insert this operator by choosing it from the toolbox (also, you can assign an accelerator shortcut to it).
  • You can now use derivation ‘d’ operator or partial derivation operator with an index in derivations generated by \dd or \parpar commands.

Some bugs are corrected. As I said in my former post, if you are using the software on Linux, with the Wine, let me know how it behaves because I am trying to make it as much Linux compatible as possible.