Several other users already told me that the Math-o-mir can be used with the Wine, Windows (non)emulator, on Linux systems. Now, I was contacted by Guilherme M. Vargas with several Wine-related issues. Here is what he says:

  • The Alt+Space shortcut doesn’t work properly, because it activates Linux’s window menu. Double clicking the formula solves it, as it activates the text mode, maybe a new hot key for it could solve it.
  • Pressing Alt+Arrow Key in text mode generates some kind of “square”. Just changing to Math mode manually does the job.
  • Sometimes, pressing “del” to delete an equation will not work.
  • I don’t know if it is my keyboard, but pressing “=” on the keyboard results in adding a “+”.

True, some of the bullets above might not be related to Wine, but are just ordinary bugs. In any case, If you are also using MoM on Linux, please report any strange issue so that I can make MoM fit better.

Few days ago I found a nice blog article about math typing written by Larry Davidson: