The document navigation

The document navigation in Math-o-mir is implemented by a tiles view. It works well if your document has plenty of graphics. However it is far less usable if your document consists of a dense text. In the dense text case, a table-of-content navigation would work better.

Still, providing both methods of document navigation, by tiles and by table-of-content, seems like overkill for such simple notepad application. At the moment I opted for the tiles version but I might change this in future – depending on your votes.

I liked to sketch lot of doodles in my paper-based notes. This was helpful in navigation. So, for a brief moment of time I even considered a doodle-drawing tool for the Math-o-mir software. Doodles would certainly help with the tiles navigation type. Unfortunately, implementing such tool is not trivial, so at the moment I am not implementing it.

Inter-document links need also to be implemented (cross-references, bookmarks…). I found no simple way to work with these so I didn’t implement then in the 1.8 version. This however is on my todo list.


Free file hosting service

It seems the UbuntuOne file hosting is acceptable to me. This hosting gives direct links to files (hotlinks). The main disadvantage is that it does not provide any statistics about number of downloads. It is yet to be seen if the service is stable.

Other options like the Dropbox, GoogleDrive, SkyDrive also provide hotlinks. However these hotlinks link with HTTPS instead of HTTP. I believe that HTTPS linking would not bother download sites, but I don’t have time to investigate it now.

In any case, the future of the free hotlinking is not bright. One should not expect that any file hosting site will provide free hotlinking for a long time. The problem with hotlinks is that they give no opportunities for the hosting site to bombard you with advertising banners.


 PDF printing and hyperlinks

When one prints a MS word document to PDF printing software, all hyperlinks remain active even in the PDF version of the document. I wonder how this is achieved. Anybody knows?