[ Notice: The FileDen file sharing service is still not sharing my files.  I don’t know why is it taking so long for them to fix the problem. I am getting angry. ]

The new Math-o-mir beta version (v.18 beta 2) can be downloaded from: http://www1.datafilehost.com/d/32ca70d3 . There are almost no news in this beta: few bugs fixed; easier to paste text into math formula. Still, I decided not to go with the official release, but to go with another beta, for following reasons:

  • The new method to type Greek symbols – I need to allow more time for users to start complaining about it.
  • The new Autocomplete feature seems quite distracting (looks like a bug) – I feel uneasy about this feature
  • The FileDen file sharing service is not working properly!

When I was preparing the 1.8 version, I received help from Kevin F. (aka Blink), David Kromek, Egon Rath and few others. Egon made the German translation. Thank you very much, guys.

I also updated the Ridiculously Complex math-typing Tutorial. In the appendix of this Tutorial I now included the Keyboard Crib Notes,  joining those two documents together. Also, in a desperate need to make this Tutorial at least bearable, I included some verses – hopefully making it less intimidating now. Of course, my plans to turn the whole Tutorial into a heroic poem will certainly remain the unrealized dream.