The FileDen file hosting service seems to have problems last several days. Therefore Math-o-mir download from its primary source might not working. The alternative download location from the DatafileHost still works.

Sorry for the inconvenience… I am using the FileDen for years and they are down about 5-6 days in a year.  I am using their free service so maybe this is the reason. Because I am distributing a freeware, I am trying only to use free services available on Internet.

BTW, I am using to host the homepage; the FileDen and the DataFileHost for file hosting (the first one gives me direct file link, the second one is handy because it counts file downloads); for this blog. All for free…. I am also using several free download sites (the being one of most important) to distribute the software. There are also some free Google tools (google analytics, google webmaster tools, adsense) that I am using to analyze traffic to my sites…. If anyone can suggest some other interesting and helpful resources, I will be glad to hear. I have quite low-bandwidth internet access, so I usually choose more ‘basic’ sites.