A bug was reported by Viktor Kunz – when an object was to be inserted (added)  into the toolbox, the Math-o-mir crashed or simply did nothing. The bug is now corrected and the new beta can be downloaded from http://www1.datafilehost.com/d/895395eb

I am always thankful for any bug report, especially those with software-crashing potential.

The newest beta does not support MathML-P any more (see my previous post on this blog). There are several new LaTeX-like commands supported (\varphi,\leq,\geq,\in,\ni,\owns,\notin,\exists,\forall,\circ,\mapsto). Finally, when you hold the CTRL key and move your mouse-pointer over an equation, only insertion points will be touched – this way you can aim at desired insertion point somewhat easier.