The new beta can be downloaded from here  (…huh, un-check the ‘use download manager’ check box for a simpler download).

This time I also prepared this tremendously complex and difficult Math-o-mir tutorial for keyboard typing.  The tutorial contains 18 lessons but you should not expect that you will understand more thant 4-5 of them. I myself can only understand 3 of them… If you have any idea how to improve the tutorial, I will be glad to hear.

What is new in the new beta? Few things only:

  • some features are no longer supported – underline and rectangular framing of expressions. Now you can only choose between the intelligent framing or no framing.
  • also, the “Simple Variable Mode” is no longer supported. The “Very Simple Variable Mode” is now renamed “Simple Variable Mode”. The “General Variable Mode” remains.
  • Font sizes for presentation mode and edit mode are now equalized.  Somewhat different rendering of the presentation mode equations might be expected.
  • When you hit the ‘)’, ‘]’ or ‘}’ key, you will exit out of parentheses that are shaped equally to the key you pressed. That is, if you are in the middle of a { [ (  ) ] } structure, and you press the ‘}’ key, you will exit all the way – out of the { } parentheses.
  • Several bugs are exterminated

Several questions remain:

  • What other features are not needed and should be deleted? Some propositions are: the Presentation mode (LaTeX is better, confuses users), MathML support (LaTeX is better)…
  • How to better solve three-key combinations (like typing the uppercase Greek symbols – Alt+Shift+letter)? One proposition is would be to type the lowercase Greek symbol twice (Alt+letter.letter)

[Edit: this article was edited on March 30 to include the newest link to the MoM 1.72 beta 4 setup file. There was a bug in the version from March 29 -> under some circumstances, when you used ‘)’ or ‘]’ or ‘}’ keys the keyboard entry mode finished. The bug is now corrected.]