The new beta version, 1.72 beta 3, can be downloaded from

There are almost no new features, but some bugs are fixed.

I was thinking about how to further improve keyboard usage, but I didn’t produce any new idea to make typing more fluid. What I am trying is to:

  • increase the usage of central keys; reduce the usage of peripheral keys
  • reduce the usage of key combinations (Alt+, Shift+, Ctrl+, SpaceBar+)
  • reduce the damage from mistyping – improving the backspace key
  • reduce the need for cursor repositioning (with arrow keys or Enter key)

To make MoM keyboard usage clearer, I created this keyboard crib notes:

This PDF file contains most keystrokes used to type math in MoM. It can improve your typing skill, but it can also tickle your brain so that you suggest a better proposal.

P.S. I am having troubles with the file-hosting service. Can anyone suggest another free file-hosting service (simple to use; no login, possibly; not too many features…)