Taking math notes directly on computer during your math class has the potential to make your life more comfortable. Digitally stored documents are easier to handle (search, copy, edit, backup, share…) and occupy less space than paper-stored documents. The ease of document handling is often the main reason one would like to keep their math lectures in a digital form.

Many students also hope that typing math notes is going to be quicker and easier than hand-writing them. This certainly is true when you keyboard-type a plain text. After all, the keyboard was invented for plain-text entry – an experienced typist can achieve mind-blowing speeds. Mathematics, unfortunately, is another beast.

Typing mathematics is tremendously difficult. In math you will find much more symbols than there are keys on your keyboard. Math notation uses superscription and subscription heavily. Typing lines split all the time. Mathematicians like to use those nasty tings called matrices. They also like to mix plain text with math. And, after all, they like to draw little sketches aside.

As a result, students are still hand-writing their math notes.

But things change. The Math-o-mir software answers to the math-typing challenge. This is simple math notepad software, intended to write down math as easily and as efficiently as possible. To achieve that goal, some novel approach to user interface was needed and, therefore, some effort needs to be invested to learn the software.

With Math-o-mir students should be able to take their math notes in the real time, directly onto their laptops. Several tips below can help with this noble endeavor.

  • Learn the software prior the real-time classroom usage. For example, use your own hand-written notes and retype them into laptop. Work on efficiency.
  • Use your own laptop. Your fingers must fluently know the keyboard layout of the computer you use.
  • Take care not to bother others in the room – are you typing too loud? Also keep the sound volume to minimum, just in case.
  • Keep your documents to reasonable size – do not put the whole year into one single document.
  • Turn on the auto-save feature. You never know.
  • If your teacher says stop, you stop.