I uploaded the Math-o-mir 1.71 build 2 because I found a serious bug. It is funny that the bug was present for long time but acted only rarely (on my computer, at laeast). However, when it acted, it had the potential to crush the software… Anyway, the new build can be downloaded from the homepage.

As, in the meantime, I already started working on next version, you will also find several new features in this build 2 version.

  • When you paste a previously copied selection, it is not pasted to the upper-left corner any more, but ‘directly at your mouse pointer’. You can then move it and place (left-click) wherever you want.
  • When you mouse click-and-drag to a selection, in order to move it, you don’t need to aim as precisely any more because now you can click a few pixels away and still grab the selection. This way it is easier to move thin lines.
  • Selected object are now framed with line of more pale color. Moving dot is also invisible for hand-drawing objects. This way, when you move selections, it is easier to see what you are doing.
  • When some items are selected and you hit the Esc key (or right-mouse-click to empty area), items will deselect, but the hand-drawing mode or keyboard-entry mode will remain active.
  • The Home and End keys will now move the keyboard cursor at the beginning/end of a text line, not at the beginning/end of the text box.
  • It is now possible to enter variables that contain the underline character. Just hit the underline key twice (the first hit inserts the index, but the second hit deletes the index and inserts the underline character).
  • When you hit the F5 key, a message will be displayed for few moments informing you that you entered Presentation or Edit mode. In addition, when you try to edit a formula in presentation mode, a message will be displayed to notify you that it is better to return to the Edit mode.

Few months ago I found the  blog of Dan Meyer – dy/dan. There is a very interesting article about whether it is possible to write math on computers: “Computers Are Not A Natural Medium For Doing Mathematics“. Well, I would say, computers are the natural medium for doing mathematics, but the keyboard is not the natural medium for typing it.