I was about one month late, but the new Math-o-mir v1.71 release is finally here. You can download it from the homepage.

This version mostly improves tables/matrix handling. It also improves the toolbox… Here you can find the list all of news features compared to v1.7

  • Math boxes and text boxes are united – there is now only one single box type where you can type either math or text. You can toggle the text/math typing by hitting Alt+Spacebar combination.  What exactly happens when you hit the Enter key depends on whether you typed mostly text or mostly math into the box (if the box contains math mostly, the new object is created; if the box contains text mostly, the line-wrap is inserted)
  • It is possible to add your own math items or expressions into the toolbox.  You can even define accelerators for items you added…  To add a math item/expression into the toolbox, create the item/expression somewhere in the document area, pick it up with the mouse, carry it over the toolbox (or subtoolbox) and drop it down using the right-mouse-click.
  • Double-stroke sequences can now be associated to any toolbox math item. For example, you can define ‘rr’ double-stroke sequence to the square root symbol. Then, any time you type the “rr” on the keyboard, the root symbol will be inserted. The dobule stroke sequences are timed, and you should type the sequence quickly.
  • Even more, the Easycast string sequences can be associated  to any toolbox math item. You can associate any sequence of characters to any toolbox item – later, when you type that sequence, the item will be inserted. For example you can associate ‘sin’ string to the sine function… Easycast string sequences are not timed.
  • You can now add borderlines to table cells
  • You can define text alignment (left/center/right) separately for any cell in the table
  • You can also type multi-line text into a single table cell.
  • The insertion point and the blinking cursor are now displayed with wider lines for better visibility
  • The Enter key can be used to line-wrap a plain text even when the quick-type feature is used.
  • The Shift+Spacebar does not toggle the text/math typing mode any more. You should use Alt+Spacebar.
  • You can use double-mouse-click on empty document area to start a box with text typing mode enabled
  • The text-control box is implemented. This is a small box displayed below the toolbox when the text entry mode is active. The text-control box will change its color to reflect if math typing mode is active (blue) or text typing mode is active (green). You can also use it to change the math/text typing mode, insert line-wraps or add columns/row to tables/matrices.
  • Now it is possible to enter ‘+’ and ‘-‘ signs to the first place of a variable index even in the Simple Variable mode or in the Very Simple Variable mode.
  • When you type the ‘/=’ sequence on your keyboard, it is transformed into the non-equal sign.
  • Several help texts are discretely displayed below the toolbox when you hover your mouse arrow above toolbox items. Defined accelerators are also displayed.
  • CTRL+X keystroke will insert the multiplication ‘x’ sign, if nothing is selected (otherwise it is used for the ‘cut’ function)

I hope that I will receive many feedback comments – either positive or negative.