Well, today I had several minutes of spare time and I used them to upload the Math-o-mir v.171 beta 2. You can download from http://www.datafilehost.com/download-da474755.html

There are not many news in this version. Here is the list:

  • Distinction between text boxes and math boxes does not exist any more. Whether a line-wrap will be inserted by the Enter key or a new box will be created is determined from the box content, not from its type.
  • Line-wraping for plain-text is implemented completely new way. As a result you can now have multi-line text inside table cells. This was a major job and I hope I did not  introduce many bugs.
  • Table cells can now have border lines
  • The Toolbox is now customizable. The user can add its own elements into the toolbox (or subtoolboxes) – using the mouse, pick-up any element from the document, carry it to the (sub)toolbox and drop it there by right-mouse-click
  • ‘Easycast’ is implemented… For every math item in the toolbox you can define the easycast key sequence. Later, when typing, you can invoke that item by typing the defined easycast sequence.
  • The Enter key can now be used to wrap the plain text even during quick-typing
  • The blinking cursor and the insertion points are now thicker for better visibility
  • You can now use mouse double-click to start a box that has text-typing mode enabled
  • the Shift+Spacebar is not used any more to toggle text/math typing mode (you use Alt+Spacebar for this purpose)

Anyway, let me know if you have any suggestion or bug to report.