Okay… Two days ago I uploaded ‘build 2’ version because a nasty bug was found and corrected (thanks Tao)

Today I did the same. I found another nasty bug, corrected it and released the ‘build 3’. Please, download from the homepage.

Two nasty bugs in just two days. I don’t know what to say… It is funny how I always feel confident that there are NO NASTY BUGS inside every new Math-o-mir release. Then, only a few days after, some very interesting insect specimens shows up.

[About the latest bug i corrected: In some cases MoM crashed if you clicked at a drawing that was already selected. MoM tried to copy drawing into expression and failed. I just removed this part of code. I have no idea why this code was present in the first place. Unfortunately MoM is not an open-source software so I cannot blame someone else.]