Thanks to Tao, I (hopefully) managed to solve a particularly nasty bug that crashed Math-o-mir. At the moment you can download the new exe file from: (Note that there is only bare .exe file inside. There is no setup. You can, for example, copy the .exe file over already existing v1.7 .exe file).

I hope that I will get the confirmation that the bug is now solved, and then I will release the setup version of the debugged v1.7 (build 2).

Here is the bug report provided by Tao: “It looks like it has to do with the routine(s) that draw the equation entry box. So for example if you click say 3 pixels away from the first box, nothing happens, it’s probably an error trap on purpose. But farther away if you click in the white area it deletes the first entry box (assume you did nothing with it), and creates a new one. On my machine those two actions are not instantaneous. Now the bug seems to be related to clicking just far enough away from the first entry box that the program wants to spawn a new instance, but right about that point if you’re also holding the left button and moving the mouse, it seems to catch a bad double instance and that’s where the fatal crash shows up.

As you know, when the keyboard entry mode is active, you can mouse-click at an object and it will be copied at the position of your keyboard cursor (as if you typed it there). The crash happened when MoM tried to copy an empty box – when you just started an equation box and then clicked at its edge (or its moving dot).