After long long time, I finally released the new Math-o-mir v1.7. The new version can be downloaded from here:

What is new:

  • The Math-o-mir can now be translated to non-English languages. At the moment you can download the German version from:
  • Bitmaps are now supported. Bitmaps can be pasted or loaded into MoM document.
  • Hyperlinks are supported. You can convert any text or math into a hyperlink. The hyperlink can point to a web location (URL) or to a local/network file.
  • Document-level vertical guidelines are implemented. You can use the ruler to define guideline positions. There are also text guidelines – click on it will start a text box – and text autowrap guidelines.
  • Simple text find tool is implemented. You can use it to search for text and for very basic math in your documents.
  • It is now possible to save documents as view-only files. A view-only file cannot be edited – when such a file is loaded, the toolbox will be absent.
  • The setup software will now associate .mom files with the Math-o-mir application

What is also new:

  • It is now possible to define font formatting for every Greek symbol separately while the mixed formatting mode (M) is active. Just hold the ALT key while you are defining formatting inside the Virtual Keyboard.
  • It is also easier to mix math and text now because the uniform formatting mode (U) is always forced while a plain text is written. Therefore you can leave the ‘M’ mode always active.
  • If you accidentally start typing some plain text in the math box, the MoM can detect this and will automatically convert the math box into a text box.
  • The right-mouse-click-and-drag will now scroll the window even if you clicked at an object. No need to care where you click anymore.
  • A new math element is added: the vertical bar with its argument on the left side.
  • You can decorate a variable with double dot now (second derivation as proposed by Newton)
  • It is possible to align equations on the equal sign now
  • It is possible to vertically distribute objects – one below another.
  • Cursor navigation inside the integral sign is improved
  • It is possible to edit variable index using the underline key even if you already added an exponent to that variable.
  • In the Very Simple Variable Mode you can now enter variables like x1, y2 (that is, you can enter a number behind a letter and MoM will not separate them)
  • After you type a (German) word longer than 23 characters, MoM automatically starts a new word.
  • You can paste column of numbers in Math-o-mir equation box now.
  • You can calculate the average and the sum of an array now. Just right-click at the array of numbers.
  • It is possible to stretch objects so that the aspect ratio is kept unchanged by holding the Shift key while stretching.
  • You can now multitouch equation elements (holding the Shift and moving the mouse pointer) without fear because the whole equation will not become selected if you accidentally touch the equation edge.
  • The Drawing box is slightly improved – objects created by command line will appear one below another (not one over another)
  • I added some color hue below the cursor so that it is easier to recognize if the cursor is green or blue (that is, if the text typing or math typing mode is active)

Keep me informed about bugs I made. Good luck… And keep spreading the word about the Math-o-mir – the fastest math typing tool in the world 🙂