I spent some time working on the ‘text autodetection’ idea. Today I decided to include this feature into the next version.

After you click at the document area in Math-o-mir, the blinking cursor shows up and you are ready to type some math. If, on the other hand, you want to type some text, you can easily convert the math box into a text box by hitting the space bar. Unfortunately, I always forget to hit the space bar and so I just start typing the plain text vigorously into the math box. The result is that I have to delete what I wrote and start from the beginning.

To help myself, I came up with a ‘simple’ algorithm that should be able to detect whether one is typing math or text and, if it is text, automatically convert the math-box into text-box (this only works if typing was started into a  new box). The algorithm detects text if: no special math characters was entered, the space bar was hit at least once, the ratio between spaces and letters is appropriate for text, there are words with more than one letter… and you typed with speed of at least 3 characters per second.

I hope that the algorithm will not have too many false detects. If it makes a mistake, you should use CTRL+Z (Undo) to convert text back to math.