You can download the new 1.7 beta3 from:

I suppose that this could be the last beta before the official 1.7 release. I also hope that the final version will have somewhat smaller .exe file…. Anyway, here is what is new compared to v1.62

  • bitmap support – you can now load or paste a bitmap into Math-o-mir document. Bitmaps unfortunately make MoM documents very large.
  • hyperlinking is supported – inside Math-o-mir document you can now make links to internet sites or to local files
  • vertical guidelines can now be defined for the whole document. To define them, point your mouse pointer near the document view top edge and hold it very still for 1.5 seconds. The ruler will appear. You can left-click or right-click on the ruler to define guidelines. It is possible to define text guidelines too – by clicking on the text guideline the text box will start automatically. This way you don’t need to hit the Space Bar every time to convert math box into the text box.
  • I also added ‘text autowrap guidelines’. When you define these, any text in a text box that you might type beyond this guideline will wrap to a new line.
  • font formatting for greek symbols can now be defined for every greek symbol separately (when you use the ‘mixed formatting mode’)
  • ability to use mixed formatting mode for math typing and uniform formatting mode for text typing is further improved. This way it is possible to use different font styles when you type math or text.
  • a simple text-search tool is added (see Edit->Find text…) You can use it to search for text (its ability to search math expressions is very limited)
  • math/text mixing behavior is improved – the math/text mode should not change by itself anymore after inserting some symbols
  • cursor navigation inside integrals is improved
  • also, cursor navigation in multi-line text environment is improved (you can now move the cursor into summation/integration limits using keyboard arrow keys, for example)
  • a new math element is added – a vertical bar that has its function (argument) on the left side
  • variables can now be decorated with double dot
  • it is possible now to align equations to the ‘equal’ sign
  • it is also possible to distribute objects vertically (one below another)
  • for text boxes, it is now possible to stretch them horizontally (moving its right border) and autowrap text inside them without changing font size.
  • now you can stretch selections and keep the aspect ratio fixed by holding the Shift key while you do the stretching
  • I added some blue or green hue below the blinking cursor so it is easier to see whether math or text mode is enabled.
  • I decided that pointing mouse at equation edges will not select the whole equation while the Shift key is held. This way the multi-touch feature is now less annoying
  • it is now possible to calculate the sum and the average of an array/vector of values. For example type the following array: 1,2,3,4, when you right click on it you will have the sum (10) and the average (2.5).
  • pasting plain text into Math-o-mir (into a math box) is now bit improved. It is possible now to paste values in form 2.32e+6 and have them correctly converted into 2.32*10^6.ž
  • Math-o-mir is now translatable to other languages (at least to languages that use latin script)

As I said, Math-o-mir can now be translated to other languages. I hope that I will have it translated to at least one ‘large’ language before the final release. In the mean time, if you are willing to translate it to your language, let me know.