Last few days I was working on the ‘translation feature’ – this feature allows translating MoM into another language (european, at least). As a test language I used Croatian.

Obviously, to fully translate the Math-o-mir one should walk following three steps:

  1. Translate the ‘Language.csv’ file – this is a plain text file that contains strings displayed inside the program (menu items, mostly). When this file exist in the application folder, MoM automatically uses it.
  2. Translate the local help file – the ‘Handy Help’. This is the one that you see when you hit the F1 key.
  3. Translate the ‘Mathomir User’s Guide’ – this is basically a book, distributed in .PDF

The first step is the easiest one and is already implemented. If anyone has desire to translate Math-o-mir, let me know. I will send you the Language.csv file and you can finish translating it in an hour or two.

The second step is more difficult one. The help file is of the .chm format. I can provide HTML sources, but you will still need help compiler to create .chm file. This might be too complex for some translators. Therefore I am thinking to provide help file as a simple .PDF file. What do you think about this idea? Any other idea?

The third step is actually straightforward – I will provide Microsoft Word document (english language) and someone will translate it. This was already done by mr. Hivon (french language). However simple, this job is a rather huge one – about 60 pages to translate. Therefore I am thinking to provide a shorter version of User’s guide to translators.

You may ask, what’s the use to translate the Math-o-mir? I actually don’t know for sure. I am hoping that it might help school teachers to use it with their students.